Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Day -21: Low Impact Cardio

The funny thing is that I've started and stopped a zillion times. And I've tried it all really. Fad diets, going cold turkey, personal trainers, you name it. I have failed learned from each of the times I started and stopped and NOW I think I have it figured out.

Hi! I'm La Toya and I've been tipping the scale since I stepped out of grad school. For a variety of reasons, I've been precisely the same weight for years now. As I got older, I noticed that it wasn't as easy to lose weight and I developed a myriad of health issues. For this reason, I have to be very careful with how I approach diet and weightloss. Thus begins my 21 Days before even actually STARTING.

Today is Jan 2nd so the gyms are crowded, Trader Joe's is packed (which I learned the hard way), and it's cold AF in Brooklyn. In the past, these would be reasons for me postpone my weight loss journey and start on Monday when I have more of a plan. NOT TODAY. Today I'm

Here's where I went wrong:

  • I decided to try to make one of those sheet pan meals but didn't have the ingredients
  • I went to the store to buy workout clothes after everyone picked over them
  • I went to Target to buy new toothpaste at the same time everyone else went to Target to buy toothpaste
  • I ate like a 2 year old the entire day - a buttered roll, half bowl of pasta, one spoonful of ice cream, several handfuls of popcorn, one cookie

My problem isn't overeating, it's WHAT I eat and when I eat it. But eh, I'll figure that part out.

Another thing that went wrong: the at home workout I was planning to do would not load. i tried for like 15 minutes before I remembered that POPsugar has a YouTube page filled with cool workouts for beginners.

I immediately found THIS 10 minute warm-up and THIS low impact 15 minute cardio workout. I put on my daggone gym clothes and I did it all. And then I cooled down for as long as I needed and even meditated for a bit.

So, thanks for checking out my Negative Twenty One Days

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