Sunday, January 7, 2018

Day -16: Lower Body + Big Cardio

Today was a marathon day - well, it was a long day...

I sang two masses at the local Catholic Church, went to a day party for a second, visited my parents, and shot some cutscenes with a friend.

On the way home I was beating myself up because I didn't leave enough time to workout before bed.

Then I realized HOW incredibly active I was that day. At the church, there are these massive flights of stairs. I went up and down them around 5 times that day. By the 5th time, I wasn't so winded anymore!

I also danced for a good amount of time at the day party AND I walked a mile or two on top of all this.

So yes, today was a Lower Body day dang it!

Bagel and Cream cheese with coffee (I know, I know)
And I drank, a BUNCH - but not too much
Fried Shrimp

Ok soo it wasn't a banner day for diet but I will get there!

Thanks for reading!

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