Monday, January 8, 2018

Day -15: Rest Day

And it was on this day I realized that I've stuck to my guns and am really going for it.

I cracked my screen yesterday so I'm only going to be able to post struggle selfies from now until SUNDAY when I get it fixed.

Anyway, today I'm still really sore from walking around and up and down yesterday AND from the Arms stuff on Saturday so I feel good about not doing too much.

Vitamin C Gummies
Kelp supplement (because I'm often times Iron deficient and crave salt, which has iodine!)
New Chapter Women's Multi-Vitamin

I didn't exactly eat much today, and I'd like to discuss why this is a problem. When you (or me, really because I can't speak for you) don't eat at all, your metabolism slows all the way down. And other stuff happens! And for me, I will pretty much starve myself all day and then binge at night. The worst time to binge!

So I'm notating that here so I know that it's not cool and I gotta cut that crap out, hehe :)

Thanks for reading!

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