Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Catfish NYC

Another spot that I absolutely love is Catfish NYC.

Catfish is on an unassuming block in Crown Heights which is in walking distance from my house. This makes it the perfect place for me to roll into for a mimosa or three. It's a NOLA inspired restaurant with authentic everything. I mean really, you name it.

I only tried their brunch about a year or so ago and have been going there ever since. The amazing thing about this place is that they serve brunch every day of the week, which is super rare but also extremely satisfying when you need brunch right this minute and you don't care if it's Tuesday. 

My favorite dish that I always get (so I have literally never tried any other entree) is the Shrimp and Grits with bacon. They are undefeated. Stop what you're doing right now and go try this dish. It wasn't until I finally went to New Orleans that I actually liked grits. My parents made it every Sunday and I just could not figure out what they saw in them. New Orleans grits are creamy and cheesy and make your forget you're actually eating grits. This is EXACTLY how Catfish NYC makes theirs. White cheddar and super thick cuts of bacon with blackened shrimp sends this dish completely over the top. 

I also recommend getting a side of bacon and the biscuits. Additionally, the coffee they serve is Cafe du Monde. I actually had to stop the waiter to ask if  by Cafe du Monde they meant Cafe du Monde?!?!?! And he was all like, um...yes...

In my last few visits there, we stuck around long enough for it to turn into happy hour and tried the Hurricanes and Swamp Water. During their HH the drinks are $2 off and there are $1 oysters. 

Catfish NYC is open for brunch DAILY from 11am - 4pm and HH starts at 4:30pm. I'll probably be there this weekend or every weekend. See ya there!

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