Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Month of Birthdays!

Celebrate La Toya Week!
20 Days of Toya!
30 Days and Thirty Nights of La Toya!

Ok, I'm still trying to figure out what to call this. Either way, I'm one of those people who celebrate their birthday more than once. Hi.

And I don't do it because it's a trend, or because I'm trying to run my friends ragged. It's actually for a legitimate set of reasons.

I am a lot of things. A singer, a nerd, a party girl, an extroverted introvert...and I also went to primary schools in Brooklyn that were highly populous. So with that came a large group of friends that weren't always into the same thing. With that foundation of always roaming around to different crowds, I've still maintained a unique grouping of friends to match my all around uniqueness.

I can't remember which *exact* birthday it started on but I had to be around 18 when I realized that I don't have to just do one thing. That's right EIGHTEEN. Before FB and IG and all these other things people are trying to show off for. I'm not showing off - I'm literally celebrating myself and giving my friends from all walks of life various options that can suit them.

Because it's summertime! And I want to do it all. But the bookworms do not want to go to a boozy brunch. The turn up squad doesn't want to watch the NY Philharmonic quietly in the park. The introverts don't want to do an Escape Room.

But guess who doesn't have to choose anymore?