Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I already went to the Cookie Dough place.

And omg.

So, if you were my IRL friend around the year 2000, you might know that I developed an addiction to the (only available in movie theaters at the time) boxed candy, Cookie Dough Bites. It was a real problem.

I wrote the Cookie Dough Bites company emails and everything...suggesting the numerous flavors they could do, begging them to sell the candy outside of the theater, telling them I love them...things like that.

17 years later - there's an entire shoppe (decked out in bright colors!) devoted to Cookie Dough lovers like you and me!

It's called DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections and it's in the West Village on LaGuardia Place.

I had about a zillion things to do on Saturday but a friend of mine posted this place on my FB wall and I immediately carved the time out to check it out, you know, for research purposes. I got there right before the line got pretty insane - although let's be honest, I would've stood in that line for an hour for Raw Cookie Dough in a cone.

Once inside, the place was super cute - a neon light that said "Dreams Do Come True", cute plants and colorful tea kettles on shelves, everyone in aprons and hats, I felt like I was in a quaint town that has really specific shoppes like this one. You could even see them making the dough in the back through a glass window. How cute!

There were a ton of people inside pouring over the menu so it was hard to get the full effect. 30 years from now when things clear up in there, I might be able to take a good look at everything.

So, how was it? OMG it was everything I hoped and dreamed! I stayed very safe and got the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in a cup. And no, there isn't a picture because I just couldn't not wait. And this wasn't a photo op trip, this was a "clearly this store is meant for La Toya because obviously" trip.

Tomorrow I will get the sugar cookie dough on a cone, on the next day I will get the cookie dough ice cream sandwich, on the following day...

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  1. This place really is like a dream come true! Please more pictures! :D I can't imagine choosing just one. It's both a really good and really bad thing that this store is so far away from me.

    I loved the way you wrote this post, btw.


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