Sunday, January 4, 2015

31 Days to Better Blogging Day 4: Top Commenters

Okay now I'm all caught up! I've been back posting the days of this challenge for organizational purposes. This is a month long challenge by Rachel @ Parajunkee that I'm so excited to be digging into.

I don't think I ever did this! Even in the prime of my blogging days, I never thought to highlight people who comment. I look so forward to adding this element to my blog. It's nice to know who's checking for me!

Rachel also suggests to do this because you'll be able to comment on their blog in turn. How lovely. I would say at this very moment, it doesn't entirely make sense for me to post one until people notice I'm blogging again haha!

I am looking forward to "rewarding" commenters with books/ecards/features etc. Bring it on friends!

How do you acknowledge the people who comment on your blog on a daily basis?

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