Saturday, January 3, 2015

31 Days to Better Blogging: Day 3 About Me Refresher

And now we've come upon the easiest thing for me to do which is talk about myself. HEHE!!

Rachel has a lot of great points on her original post. While I'm thinking that I can flaunt that beside having a passion for reading, I'm actually a pretty darn good singer - she points out that that might not be of interest to someone coming to your page to understand WHY they should read your blog.

There's also the challenge to post or highlight old entries you may have that could be of interest to a new reader. This has me thinking about my blog and it's existence in an entirely new way. There was a time that I was posting several posts a day on different subjects, loosely based around books. And there were also times that I took a break from posting about books and would gush over Halloween instead.

These posts are sort of lost (might not be if I poke around in the Help section a little). Lost because I changed my domain name altogether. I'm hoping I can re-activate that page so that I can include the cool posts I once had.

Anyway, I'm going to work on finding those old posts and getting a cool updated picture of myself for you all.

Do you have an about me page?

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