Friday, January 2, 2015

31 Days to Better Blogging Day 2: Spring Cleaning

This is a challenge by Rachel at Parajunkee! Click here for her original post with great advice on cleaning upy our blog!

Oh me, oh my. My blog is a HOT MESS. Coming back to it this week has got me feeling slightly overwhelmed, slightly excited. Most unorganized. So once again, how incredibly serendipitous that this challenge is happening!

I have quite a few things off to the side that once worked for a previous design but does not work now. I guess the questions I would have for myself would be:

do I delete them entirely? do I change the colors? do I come up with something completely different?

And there are things that seem a bit dated. I started this blog on a sultry summer day all the way back in August 2010 with no clue about design, color coordination etc. I feel like keeping my little buttons and "blog awards" would be a nod back to my beginnings. But it really doesn't work for where I want to take the design.

Lastly, before I delete a few of these things, I need to figure out how I got it there in the first place! I barely remember how I even get those glitter gif stars in my sidebar in the first place. I would hate to delete those!

Any new/returning bloggers having these issues? What should I do?!

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