Sunday, February 9, 2014

Omg seriously plus TBR List

OH hello!

So, I've been away a while, and sort of reading. I've been thinking about reading and blogging and the like always gets in the way.

I should put "life" in quotes because up until right now, I've been coming down from being on my first National Tour (I'm an opera singer for those of you that don't know), then my first musical reading in over 10 years, and then, nothing! Now I'm back working a temp gig for a little while and I realized that I have way more time than I thought.

I mean, I've downloaded SO MANY Galleys on NetGalley, discovered an entirely new newsletter that sends me free book downloads and deeply discounted books in general, and there was one time that I found like one thousand new books (not just in good condition but actual books that has JUST come out!) But I never got around to reading most of those books. Ugh, I'm so behind on life.

Anyway, I'm posting a books I must read list here for my reference and to get me back in the swing of things book blogging. Drop me a line if you'd like. Can't wait to pop around to some of your blogs!

Parable of Sower by Octavia Butler
I just freaking LOVED Kindred and I need to read every single book that Butler writes.

Alex Cross' continuing saga by James Patterson
And that's Merry Christmas, Alex Cross Kill Alex Cross Alex Cross Run Cross My Heart OMG I'M SO BEHIND.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Not because it's a dern movie, but because I found out what it's about and it sounds AWESOME.

Sheesh, and like every other book.


  1. Welcome back! Thankfully, the Alex Cross books are quick reads. I don't think I knew that Gone Girl is going to be a movie.

  2. Thanks Nise!! Yeah I didn't know that either and then I was super intrigued!! Thanks for stopping by :)


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