Thursday, April 5, 2012

Super Duper funny video from the Jimmy Fallon show

Omg, so I tried to embed this for your convenience but they don't let you do it!!! I love LOVE the Jimmy Fallon Show and I love books so for him to have a segment where he talks about books with funny titles and covers is like a happiness explosion.

Check the video out!! You will LOL for reals!! 

More Books for the Do Not Read List - Do Not Read List - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Let me know which title you thought was the funniest! I'd say mine but I don't wanna spoil it haha!!


  1. Lmao! I love Jimmy Fallon, but I missed this. I was going to choose When the Bough Breaks but I have to choose If God Loves Me, Why Won't My Locker Open? LOL

  2. I have given you the "Versatile Blogger Award"

    For details Check:

  3. I really have to buy a Dutch Oven....


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