Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mid-Month Check In!

So it's February 16th which is actually a lot more than Mid-Month but I figure I'd make a post anyway.

What's the haps?
  • I'm currently reading 3 books at once. The Walk by Evans (78%), Scream by Pelloso (45%) & Swollen by Lion (page 40). And they are all AWESOME.

  • I'm still hosting my Borrowed Book Challenge where it's never too late to sign up!
  • I went to Barnes and Noble on Valentine's Day and had like the best time ever.
  • My friends want to start a bookclub!! Best news everrrr.
Book pile news or The Never-ending Stories or...

Ok soooooo, how come none of you told me that getting an eReader adds mountains of books to your TBR pile? I've got books on there that I don't know if I'll ever get to! But I must...I must...

Pile count on Kindle Fire: 16 new books added in the past month!

Physical Pile count from Library: 8 books that I haven't even cracked open!

Purchased Pile count: Only 2 (whew!)

Grand Total: 26 freaking new books to read. What the frig! 

Challenge Progress
I'm actually making good progress on all my challenges. I've read and reviewed at least one book for each except...

D'oh!!! Sorry Lisa! I aimed for a low three so if I read one book every 4 months, I should complete this challenge! :) 


  • I've got some books that I've read but haven't reviewed. I've got a lot of Middle Grade stuff to spotlight and some short stories to talk about.
  • That Vlog is coming soon so watch out for it!

How's your month going??


  1. Spending Feb 14th in a bookstore sounds like the best day:)

  2. 16 new books in 1 month! I feel ya - there are so many books I want to read, it's getting harder and harder to control myself too! Mid-month, I think I've started all my challenges too except 1.

  3. Stopping by for the book blogger love-a-thon! =)

    8 library books that you haven't even opened?! You better get to work! I usually try and read library books before the ones I own in my TBR pile, simply because library books have a due date. Otherwise I'd never be able to prioritize what to read first.

    1. I know, I'm bugging. I've been renewing like mad.

  4. Bookstore on Valentines? You can definitely count me in. And I can totally commiserate when it comes to books on my TBR :p

  5. STopping by to say hi as part of the LOVE a Thon!! You have a very nice blog!! Jill

  6. Here to spread the love! I'm enjoying meeting all of these new bloggers! How fun! I don't know how you can read 3 books a month. I'd have a really hard time reading more than one! I think it would be hard to keep the stories and characters straight. Haha. And what a fun way to spend your V-Day!

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

    1. Awww that makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something lol!!! Some of these blogger read 3 a week. I don't know how!

  7. I wish I had spent V-day in a bookstore! Would have been the perfect V-day for me. And my TBR pile is like out of control. I'm pretty sure I'm in the hundreds somewhere. And yes, e-readers do nothing but make the habit worse. I have so many books on my Nook and Ipad it's ridiculous.

    1. HAHA!!! Out of controoooollll. No way you're in the hundreds OMG I will not believe you.

  8. I keep trying to get my friends to start a book club but they are all so darned busy! *jealous* LOL! for the challenge though! No worries, you aren't behind for 2 whole months so I think I'll let you pass this once. ;)

    It's a really good thing I can't get library ebooks here, I would drown under them. As it is I have *cough cough* 53 *ahem* NetGalley books to read...


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