Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's my favorite time of year (beside my Birthday and Halloween) and I figured I'd make a super lovefest post to some of my favorite bloggers out there.

Tanya Patrice at Girl XOXO
Tanya is so fly. She's branded her own page with a contemporary feel to it, complete with customized images for all her posts. Her book lists always rock my world and make my TBR pile double in size. Tanya is my Valentine because she's a renaissance girl with her multiple blogs (Check out intheGym.net &  i{ate}A{pie}.net to see what I mean), she's a smart girl with a PhD (what!!) and she's a mom! Girl, how do you do it?!

Small at Small Review
There's Something About Small! Have you BEEN to her page?? I've known her for like a year I'd say and have watched more and more people discover what I've always known, she's the bomb! Small has features on her blog that are very specific to her page and she always puts her own spin on more popular features (Including an older book for Waiting on Wednesday, brilliant) Small is my Valentine because she's a trail blazer & role model who is clearly blogging for the love of reading. And she's always helping bloggers out who are just starting (Check out Small's Tips and Tricks and Busting the Newbie Blues!) Small, you're the best!!

I love Lisa! I've watched her blog evolve into the cuteness that it is right now. One day Lisa was all like "I'm gonna do over my blog and make it look super awesome, and I'm going to do it MYSELF". At least that's what I imagine her saying. Visually pleasing appeal aside, her reviews and posts are blogging gold. They are easy to read, to the point and fun to navigate. I also love that she has features and readalongs that involve her followers as though we're all sitting in a big library together having a book club. She's also doing a Speculative Fiction Challenge that I may or may not have signed up for simply for the button. Have you seen the freaking buttons?! Lisa is my Valentine because she's one of the first people I started following and I still enjoy her page to this day. The evolution of her blog is inspiring and she rocks my world!

Some honorable mentions are: Alexis at Reflections of a Bookaholic, Rupierto at Bookable Reads and Nita at Worth Reading It?

You ALL are awesome and I'm glad to have bloggy friends like you! I know I don't get around to posting or commenting as much as I'd like to, but definitely know that yours are the first blogs I visit.

I look forward to meeting more bloggers and spreading more love as the year progresses!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Gorgeous Bloggy Booky Friends! Hope this day brings you the Love you all deserve.


  1. Hi Lah! Happy Valentine's Day to you! xoxo

  2. Wonderful post! Most of these are new to me bloggers, but hey...THAT'S the beauty of the blogosphere. There's always someone new to discover. Off to check out a few of these fab sounding folks. Thanks for the introduction...and happy reading!

    1. Thanks to you too!! Hope you have a great week :)

  3. What a nice tribute, very sweet! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.

  4. What a lovely post and a great idea to do a Valentine's Day post for your fellow bloggers:)

  5. Squeeee - How did I miss this post?!! Thanks for the shout-out *so sweet* and of course you know I think you rock socks!!!

  6. Oh my gosh!! :D This is the sweetest post ever!!!! My feed reader is about to explode with unread posts, so extra hugs for pointing it out because you just made my day, girly! :D Tanya and Small are super fabulous bloggers and I'm honoured to be your valentine with them. :D L xoxo

    P.S - Yes, that's pretty much exactly what I said when I decided to do the design lol!!

    P.P.S - Remind me to borrow this idea for next valentines, it's such a nice thing to do!


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