Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DNF: Death by Facebook by Everett Peacock (mild spoilers)

This is not actually a DNF. It's more like a RMBSE "Read Most of it But Skimmed to the End". Okay here's the thing, the premise is cool, the characters, interesting. But then the story takes a really dark, bizarre turn for the worse and never really follows through. 

There were so many different directions it could've gone! And I didn't like being jerked around in the actual directions it took. Okay, let me be more specific. The MC is dead somehow and he's narrating in a kind of funny, ironic style. I'm almost laughing with him. We're not entirely sure how he died because he isn't sure. 

Soon we meet his beloved girlfriend Janet who we feel sorry for, then we don't feel sorry for, then we're grossed out by her...then we're scared of her. Like?????? This isn't awesome story telling, this is wacky storytelling.

Then there were sentences like this: "She turned, poured six Lavas and carrying them like they were popcorn headed for the flashing red lights." What?

The not so good thing...
You would think that Facebook plays a central role in the story right? WRONG. It's like FB is this new do-dad that these out of touch people are using. The book boasts of features that FB has never had like scheduled postings. There are also seven billion different characters. I cannot keep up with all the names. There are a lot of other not so good things but I'd say those are the most unfortunate.

On the plus side...
This book kept me interested for a reason. I got well over halfway through it because I just had to know how it ended. There were parts of it that I couldn't read fast enough. The setting was very cool and I could tell the author has lived there or is living there now. Obviously Peacock is a terrific writer but maybe something a little less sinister with a tighter and more streamlined plot would be a better idea. 

Bottom line
I'm not saying don't read this book, but...well yeah... I'm kinda saying don't waste your time reading this book. It just wasn't for me. Maybe it's over my head.


  1. Hmm...yeah I was kind of figuring from the title/cover it would feature FB predominently...what a shocker. Not certain it would have been for me even at first sight, but with the peek inside, I can't way it'll be on my wish list anytime soon. Oh well...perhaps another readers cup of tea so to speak. Thanks for the honest share!

    1. Yeah, I always feel bad writing stuff like this but I feel like I've got to be honest about how I feel. The last time I wrote a bad review, the author himself commented on it. He knew his book wasn't the best and wasn't confrontational about it and I felt like the worse human being alive. :-O

  2. I have to admit to being curious about this one but I think the things you pointed out would work my nerves. I'm not into plots that are all over the place. And I'm scratching my head at the sentence you posted. I can only hope it makes better sense in context. Nice, honest review!

  3. Girl please do not read this book lol.


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