Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book Review: Scream by Mike Dellosso

Publisher: Realms, 2009
Format: Kindle
Genre:Suspense/Christian Fiction
Pages: 320
Where I Got It: Purchased on sale from Amazon
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While talking to his friend on the phone, Mark Stone is startled by a cacophony of otherworldly screams. Seconds later, a tragic accident claims his friend’s life. When this happens several more times—screams followed by an untimely death—he is compelled to act.

Battling his failure as a husband and struggling with his own damaged faith, Mark embarks on a mission to find the meaning behind the screams and hopefully stop death from calling on its next victim. When his estranged wife is kidnapped and he again hears the screams as she calls from her cell phone, his search becomes much more personal and much more urgent.

Overall thoughts:
YOWZA!!!! What a crazy ride this book was! It was my first Christian Fiction book and I will definitely check the genre out again.

The funny thing about reading this book was that I didn't put together all the biblical references and screams from Hell that our MC Mark would quote/hear. I'm actually Christian I almost got a little put off by the moral of the story before I realized that this is Christian Fiction duh! It has completely opened my eyes to what these books could be like. I do think that next time I read though, it won't be a suspense novel because I don't exactly like mixing the two.

This story had everything, a sinister mystery man, a leading man we can sympathize with, and major twists and turns. There are a few parts that move a little slow, but the action scenes makes those slow parts worth it. I would highly recommend this book to any one who reads Christian Fiction and loves a good suspense novel.


  1. This is nuts because I was just thinking of reading some Christian lit - which I've read NOTHING from ever! Anywhoo, I might start with this.

    1. Yeah it was pretty awesomesauce. I had one major issue with it but that will ruin the plot for you!! So yes tell me what you think. If you have a Kindle, you can borrow my copy :)

  2. No Kindle :-( Living in the dark ages for now - lol - but I think I'll be able to get hold of a hard copy.

  3. I downloaded this as well and had no idea that it was a Christian Fiction book. It will be interesting to see how the Christian and thriller mix and how they play out the whole mystery bit. Sounds pretty good though! Nice review!

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to your thoughts!!


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