Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Teaser Tuesday (4): The Immortalists

Teaser Tuesday is a fun and exciting meme hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading. The cool button is from Miss Page Turner at City of Books.
The rules are that you take a teaser from the book you're reading but make sure there are no spoilers!! Check out mine from Kyle Mills' The Immortalist.

My Teaser:
"Are there alligators in here?" Carly said, looking around as they started forward again.
"How should I know?"
"You're a biologist."
"Microbiologist. If there's anything in the world that's not micro, it's a goddamn alligator."

I got a good laugh out of this because it was some much needed comic relief. But don't be fooled by the comedy. This is an intense read!

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  1. it really is comical a goddamn alligater ain't tiny

  2. Never heard of it, but that's funny!Thanks for sharing and for using my Teaser Tuesday button:)

  3. HAHA yes, this teaser is so not representative of the book! It's actually pretty serious!

  4. LOL, funny teaser! Thanks for sharing.
    Here's mine this week:

    New follower :-)
    Happy New Year!


  5. I love comedic releases that release the suspense if only for a few seconds. That book looks right up my alley..I'm going to have to check it out further, thanks for the heads up! :D

    Happy New Year, I'm a new follower via RSS :)

    April @ My Shelf Confessions: Teaser Tuesday

  6. Nice teaser! This was a nice bit of comic relief, wasn't it? Looking forward to hearing what you thought of this one, as I really enjoyed it! Very intense, and I loved the ending!

  7. Ha ha really funny teaser, love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and now making me giggle hehe.

  8. Oooh funny teaser. Thanks for the heads up. I won't be fooled by the comic relief.


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