Thursday, January 5, 2012

DNF: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

In the spirit of my girl Small @ Small Review, I've decided to let you guys know about books that I just couldn't finish. Now, don't all show up to my doorstep with pitchforks and torches, but I couldn't get through everyone's favorite book and here's why:

Did Not Finish: page 91 of 183
  • I couldn't identify with anyone in the story: And I mean anyone. Not Nick, not Norah, and sure as hell not Tris. I don't normally need to have something in common with characters but I really couldn't get past this fact in this story.

  • Gratuitous swear words: Omg, I'm not a prude by ANY means, but dropping the F-bomb 32 times on one page loses some of its charm after you keep doing it over and over. 

  • General disinterest in the characters: Okay so not only was I unable to identify with anyone, I really didn't care about what would happen to anyone. And I was extremely uninterested in following them through the seedy parts of the city. I like to escape into a book but this wasn't doing it for me.
All in all, I had to put it down after getting 50% of the way through. I found myself skimming and if there's one thing I'm not doing this year, it's reading a book "just because" to the point where I'm skipping chapters to get to the end. So while I'm so glad many of you bloggers out there loved this book, I gotta say this ain't my fav.

Did you read this? Do you disagree? Let's fight about the death! (totally kidding)
On a serious note, if you did read this, please tell me what I might be missing about this story!


  1. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that didn't like this book. I couldn't finish it either. I totally know what you mean about the excess of curse words and I don't mind them. I also didn't really have interest in what was happening with the characters either, it was just super hard to care when I had issues liking them.

  2. So, so glad I am not the only DNF on this. I didn't like the movie either.

  3. OKAY!!! So it's not just me that is awesome haaha!!

  4. I didn't try to read it because it never really appealed to me BUT I enjoyed the movie.

  5. Yeah, I would imagine that the movie is better. I could definitely see me sitting through the scenarios but reading it is tough.


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