Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Couple Challenges 2012

Read Dystopia Challenge 2012
I tried and majorly failed a Dystopia Challenge last year, aiming for 30 books because I liked the name of the level. HA! This year I'm doing Sheila's at Book Journey. I'm also going to be a bit more realistic with my level. Complete Rules Here.

4-6 books (Intermediate Post World Trainee):

1. Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix
2. When She Woke by Hillary Jordan
3. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


2012 Ebook Challenge
I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas!! So I can actually e-read. I'm excited to join this contest hosted by Sarah at Workaday Reads at the easiest level. Who knows, maybe I'll end up reading a zillion ebooks! Complete Rules Here.

5 Books (Floppy Disk):

1. The Immortalists by Kyle Mills
2. Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson
3. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
4. Scream by Mike Dellosso
5. Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
6. The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz
7. Swimsuit by James Patterson

Have you signed up for these challenges? If not, why? Any suggestions for either of these?


  1. I'm super happy you got your kindle! Are you loving it? I'm doing the ebook one too, but I kind of feel that it's cheating because I read lots of ebooks normally anyway lol!

  2. Haha!! It's totally not cheating! You're going to ace it Lisa!

  3. I love Dystopians too and congratulations on getting a kindle! Good luck on the challenges, I'm definitely going to think about signing up for the Dystopians one with you, it looks fun! :)

  4. @Katie: do it, Do It, DO IT! :-D

  5. Hi LaToya, I think I went overboard on challenges. I didnt do any last year for I started blogging later in the month so I made up for it. I'm even hosting a challenge. check it out. i'm doing the ebook challenge also.

  6. I signed up for a gazillion challenges - and am hosting my own 2 plus joined 2 book clubs. Something is wrong with me!! But I don't want help - lol!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! I like your page as well. Good luck on the challenges!

  8. I am participating in these challenges too. I did reduce the amount of them this year, but those buttons sure are a lure!

  9. Tanya Sheesh, I did so many last year that I can't take a chance and fail again LOL

    Sidne Will check it out! Although I am pretty weary about piling on the challenges this year!

    Sheree Thanks girl!

    Nise Okay so I'm glad I'm not the only one who does challenges because of buttons hehehe!

  10. Ooo!! I should think aboutthe Dystopian Challenge -- I LOVE Dystopian...

    As for the ebook challenge? I'm jealous of your Fire!! (I have an iPad, but honestly? I don't use 90% of it - it's just an overpriced eReader for me...) You'll fly through those 5! (I actually LOVE reading at the gym now!)

  11. I'm participating in a dystopia challenge but not this one. I'm a bit disappointed that we aren't doing the same one but I am looking forward to the books you choose to read. I'm signed up for 15 but already second guessing myself.

    I have a list of like 50 dystopia reads on my blog (under the Lists tab) if you are interested. I'm hoping that it helps me.


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