Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Review: Rainbow Magic: The Night Fairies Series

Figured I'd switch it up a little after already reading such emotionally taxing books this year. I picked up a bunch of the Rainbow Magic books at the library last week so they could be nice "in betweens" for the harder stuff.

I read 4 out of the 7 books in this series and each one was cuter than the previous. The illustrations are fun and bubbly just like the stories. Rachel and Kirsty team up with the Night Fairies to retrieve their bags of magic dust from that no good Jack Frost!

The best part about reading these stories is that they remind me of some of the best cartoons in the 80s when I was growing up. Similiar to the Care Bears, My Little Pony and the almost forgotten Glo-Worms, these stories have a certain level of comfort to them. The conflicts are never too nail biting, there are strong parent characters and solid friendships that all children should be surrounded with.

A highly enjoyable series, I would recommend any of the Rainbow Magic books for Middle Graders and Independent Readers alike.

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  1. I remember Glo-Worms! I was a big fan of all those shows :P Perfect comparison--I completely get what you mean about these books now.

    1. Haha!!! Awesome!!! I thought I was the only person who would get the reference! Wheee!


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