Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review: The Immortalists by Kyle Wells

Title: The Immortalists by Kyle Wells
Genre: Suspense Thriller/Soft Sci-fi
Where I got it: Kindle Owner's Lending Library
Read it in: 4 days

 Dr. Richard Draman is trying desperately to discover a cure for a disease that causes children to age at a wildly accelerated rate--a rare genetic condition that is killing his own daughter. When the husband of a colleague quietly gives him a copy of the classified work she was doing before her mysterious suicide, Draman finally sees a glimmer of hope. Its stunning conclusions have the potential to not only turn the field of biology on its head but reshape the world. Soon, though, he finds himself on the run, relentlessly pursued by a seemingly omnipotent group of men who will do whatever it takes to silence him.
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Okay well, this was my first completed ebook! So I almost want to write a paragraph about my ebooking experience, but I will save that for another post.

After an immensely solid beginning (and I mean hair-raising), this story fizzled out a little bit for me.It wasn't because it's about scientists or any of the subject matter, it just kinda fell a little short for me. Don't get me wrong, I actually finished this one so that's saying something.

The action, the drama, the wife and the daughter! Such strong female characters in a silent sort of way was refreshing to see in a book that revolved around men. I could see myself reading a book that was entirely about his wife or the life of his daughter. I also loved the sinister, backstabbing, murder scenes. Boy does Mills have a freaking dark side to him. It almost chilled me to the bones the way Dean Koontz can.

Didn't Love:
The ending. WTF was that? I'm not spoiling anything here but it was majorly rushed. I don't know if he ran out of ink or his hand got tired or something but I feel shortchanged.

Bottom Line:
The Immortalists is a sort of fast paced, sort of futuristic, sort of cool book that I was able to put down on multiple occasions, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Recommended for the Soft Sci-fi curious (and I mean soft) and Suspense enthusiasts.

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  1. In these kind of books, I feel like the ending should be the best part. It's supposed to be when everything comes together right? You find out the bad guy or what is really going. I think it is probably more disappointing for a suspense book to fizzle out than others.


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