Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LazyGirl Reads is now...

What's up everyone! I've already received a couple of emails of concern that LazyGirl Reads was no more. I'm still here but this time I'm going public!

This is all still a work in progress while I figure out my new look, but I figured it was time to change my name and be myself, not a LazyGirl!! Hehe :)

Some things you should be seeing from my new page:
  • Weekly memes, original and borrowed 
  • Book reviews
  • Discussions
  • Featured bloggers/highlights
  • Vlogs!
I'm also bringing back my Mini-Challenge and other challenges to be announced! And there will most definitely be prizes!

Thanks for following as always!


  1. No more Lazy Girl!! *hugs* I love the change. You are so NOT a lazy girl. :)

  2. Whoa, wait, did I see vlogs?! Awesome!

    (will you sing pretty please?)

  3. I love the change! You are definitely not lazy, this suits you way more. :) I've been considering attempting some vlogs but I've got nothing to say lol, looking forward to yours!! :D

  4. HAHA I just read all these! Yes I will sing sometimes and yay!!

  5. I was wondering where you went! ;)


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