Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just for Fun Challenge: Tales of a Sixth Grade Muppet by Kirk Scroggs

On a scale of one to ten, sixth-grader Danvers Blickensderfer's life is a solid minus two. But he really hits rock bottom when he auditions for the local talent show: his death-defying hula-hooping-ninja tribute to Gonzo the Great is beat out by the world's most obnoxious middle school boy band, Emo Shun.
With his daredevil dreams dashed, Danvers goes to bed... and wakes up feeling a little fuzzy-literally! He's turned into a Muppet!

To finish up this year's challenge, I decided to read this book for fun! And I would have to say it was the best book I've read for this challenge. Let's just start with the name of the main character...Danvers Blickensderfer. I mean, c'mon!! How can you not giggle every time you read that?? You automatically know that this author is trying to make you laugh and keep you interested.

While this book is for Young Readers, Scroggs keeps the humor smart enough for an adult to appreciate while reading to their child. There are also awesome illustrations throughout. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the Muppets and clever writing for kids.

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