Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Review: Juliet the Valentine by Daisy Meadows

Juliet the Valentine by Daisy Meadows
Paperback, 201 pages
Genre: Middle Grade/Independent Reader
Borrowed from NYPL 58th Street Branch

Oh snap! Jack Frost is up to his old antics again. This time he’s high jacking Valentine’s Day by making whoever touches a Valentine’s Day present mean to their loved one! Only Rachel and Kirsty and their fairy friend can save the day. But watch out! The Goblins are out in full force making things tricky for the girls!

One of the things I’d like to do is write a Middle Grade Fiction book. So I occasionally check out what’s out there for ideas and whatnot. I think this book may have been an Independent Reader book so it was a little out of the demographic I’m thinking of writing to. I gave that preface because I don’t too good a review for this book.

The Good News:
Super cute premise with delightful illustrations and my favorite holiday are all at the helm. There was even a little fairy that first appeared in a glass of glitter. EEE! There was an adventure aspect that was easy enough to follow, almost like a 21 minute cartoon with commercials.

The Bad News:
On the flip side, it wasn’t cute enough. We needed way more glitter, way more cupcakes and way more The teddy bears. Additionally, the besties Rachel and Kirsty have apparently already been introduced in previous books in the series. So I didn’t get the feel of their relationship at all. When they argued because of Jack Frost’s curse, I didn’t get that it was a huge fight between the two of them.

I also wasn’t a fan of the illustrations. As awesome as they were, they were on every page. I’d like to decide what everything looks like, thank you very much. Given, I’m reviewing this as an adult, but Middle Grade/Independent Reader me would’ve appreciated less drawings as well.

What I’m saying is:
Listen, I still recommend this book. It was Cute-tastic and there are other books in the series. Any Independent Reader would love to follow these girls and the fairies through multiple books. Just wasn’t my fav. Maybe I will try another one.


  1. This series is pretty popular at my library, but I haven't read any of them yet. Not enough glitter? :(

  2. HAHAH!!! I want like buckets of glitter and jellybeans. I'm thinking I need to give it another shot though.


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