Thursday, October 27, 2011

Extra: LazyGirl Reads News!

Lah says: Hey there!

Figured I'd check in with you guys and let you know what's going on around LazyGirl Reads. I have some exciting new (re-vamped) features that I will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

  • Music Mondays (or whenever days): I started this feature earlier this year and was so inspired by it that I would create several at a time for weeks and weeks ahead. Unfortunately, I started getting to busy to keep this up. Now, I will do them more often, but not on any set day of the week. Check out my old Music Monday posts here!

  • Weekly/Semi Weekly Check-ins: Aren't you all dying to know how my week is going?? Haha, don't all answer at once now! I plan to keep you guys posted on book or non-book related stuff going on in my life, because, hey, why not?!

  • New Releases: Maybe once a month, I'll highlight some New Releases in General Fiction. I reckon there are at least 10 people out there who wouldn't mind knowing about that.

  • Blogger spotlights: I've seen it done around the blogosphere and have been featured in a couple myself. I'd love to contribute to bringing bloggers like you to the spotlight but with a LazyGirl Reads spin on it!

Speaking of LazyGirl Reads, I think it's high time I change the name of my blog. When I get to 1,000 followers, I'm going to change the look AND name of my blog. What?! Yes, I am not lazy as so many of you have pointed out haha!

And that's only some of the stuff I'm thinking of doing! So stay tuned for more awesomeness. Anyway, thanks as always for checking me out and see you soon :)


  1. Sound fun! Even though I don't read a lot of the books you'll probably feature in your New Reads posts, I'm thinking that will be a hugely helpful post for me. My library patrons LOVE those kinds of books, so I try to stay up to date on what's new so I can order it for them. Thanks in advance!

    Your name change! Ahhh! Well, it does seem appropriate. You are the busiest lazy girl I've ever met :P

  2. Heheh!! Thanks! Lazy doesn't even make sense anymore!!

    And AWESOME! I hope it will be informative for you to do those book release posts. It will keep me in the know since I feel like I've been falling behind on things!

  3. I love music so can't wait to see your picks on Mondays! And I like keeping on top of the latest books, so I can't wait to see your thoughts on what's coming out.


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