Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Mini Review: Cross by James Patterson

About a year ago, I started reading James Patterson books and decided to get into the Alex Cross series. I'm about 12 books in and still reading! While Cross wasn't exceptionally amazing as others in the Alex Cross series (Kiss the Girls, anyone?), I found this to be an amazing read nonetheless.

In this one, Alex finally discusses his wife's murder in detail and we "find out" who killed her. "Find out" is in quotes because let's face it, we don't know for sure if this person actually did it. Alex also progresses his relationship with Kayla Coles and the family remains the same. It's a typical book in the series, quick paced, interesting killer, sappy home stuff.

I was only a little disappointed in the ambiguity of the ending. Sure there was a sort of cool cliffhanger, but it didn't make me want to crack open the next book in the series immediately.


  1. I haven't read any of the Cross books but want to. Kiss the Girls I have to read, why I haven't yet I just don't know.

    Sounds like another good read by JamesP, they are all good but there are a few amazing.......

  2. Agreed! And I hope do you get around to reading Kiss the Girls!!!


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