Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thrill Week: Day One - Questionaire

Lah says: Today is the day!! Kicking off the entire week of Thrill-tasticness, Marce has created a questionaire for everyone. I look forward to getting some suggestions on the gems of these genres. I also left out a few questions that I knew I wouldn't have good answers for.

What is your favourite genre out of Thriller, Mystery, Suspense and Horror? Why?
I've got to say Suspense. That was a tough choice because I'd like to say that I love mystery! But, I haven't read a good....and I mean really good mystery in ages. And even when I DID read mysteries, the excellent ones were few and far between;. Would love some suggestions!!

Who are your top 3 authors in those genres?
Would have to say, my personal top are: James Patterson, Iris Johansen and Brad Meltzer. Of course there are exceptions...I've read a few by Patterson that I couldn't stand, but the good far outweighs the bad.

Tell us who your favourite male and female authors are in the genre?
Well, once again I'm going to say Patterson and Johansen. Something about Johansen's killers seem so fantastically masculine. Like she got into a male's mind and did it the way he would. I can say the same for the women in Patterson's stories. He's mastered so many different types of female emotions that I'd think he had a lady ghostwriting for him.

What book do you remember loving but don't remember the details? Maybe you should read it again now.
Haha, I loved The Good Guy by Dean Koontz and barely remember the horrifying parts but know that it was awesome. I don't know that I'll read it again though!! Way too scary.

What has been your favourite book this year so far:

The Running Man by Richard Bachman (I'm probably late to the party on this one but OMG)

Truly, Madly by Heather Webber (don't laugh! It was actually pretty good!)

Sweet Jiminy by Kristin Gore (does this count? I dunno?)

What authors have you tried and look forward to reading more from them? Maybe we can give you suggestions on what to read from them.
Would love to read more Brad Meltzer, Heather Graham and Dean Koontz (not too scary though please!!). I'm also feeling brave enough to read some of Stephen King's less horrifying works, which I don't know what those would be. Maybe Under the Dome?

What authors in the above genres are on your TBR list but you haven't tried yet? Who should I read soon?
I've yet to try Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. I don't know if I'll like it, but it seems like everyone does! I also have Word of Honor by Nelson DeMille on my TBR. No idea if YOU should read it though!

Suggestions are more than welcome!

It's never too late for thrills! Check out Tea time with Marce and Friends for complete details!


  1. Thanks for participating Lah.

    I enjoy JamesP also, those quick chapters just helps you quickly read through his books. My favourite is The Quickie.

    My favourite of DeanK was The Lightning, not scary :-)

  2. The Quickie was AMAZINGGGGGG!!! Totally agreed

  3. Dean Koontz is awesome - I didn't like not being able to find a place for him in my list. From the Corner of His Eye is one I remember really liking.

    I have Under the Dome sitting here but haven't got to it yet.

    I'm sure you'll find lots of good mysteries mentioned this week for your list.

  4. Read Under The Dome Lah! Would want to know what you think of this book! I personally loved it! :-)

  5. The Stephanie Plum series is fun for awhile (I got burned out a few books ago)and the movie is going to be coming out so that'll be fun. I like Koontz too :)

  6. I;m one of the few people who doesn't like the Stephanie Plum series. I read two of them and now I'm done.

    I've only read a couple of Dean Koontz's and don't remember them too well.

  7. I only read one Stephanie Plum book and didn't like it much... it was okay, but a bit chicklit-ish for me... so many people thought it was funny but I don't think I laughed once :( Maybe I am just a non-humorous person :)

  8. I love the Stephanie Plum series. I didn't like the first one (One for the Money), but after that I began to love the characters. That series is my fun reads for when I need something light. Stephanie's family is full of great characters, my favorite is her dad.


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