Thursday, July 7, 2011

Behind the Screen #1

Behind the Screen is a cool new meme hosted by Inga @ Me and Reading ! It's where we talk about some of the things going on "Behind the Screen" that week. Hop over to her blog to check out her first post!

Missing in Action

There are several reasons as to why you haven't seen me around:
  • I'm sick as a dog (only almost getting over it now)
  • I just got hired at my long term open ended temp gig (WOOT!!!)
  • I have been out in the Summer sun despite my sickness
So you put that all together and you got one Lazy (Blogging) Girl! ;)


Omg, I don't even want to think about the sheer AMOUNT of books that I have layin' around! I dunno between all the books I've been taking out of the library (and NOT reading, might I add) and all the books I've won/bought/stolen from people (just kidding?)...I have at least 12 books that need to be read.

Technical Difficulties
I can't make up my mind with how I want my blog to look! I want to decorate it for my birthday, but it's already a week away (July 13th) ! I hope no one gets confused with all the layout changes I've been doing!

While Reading
I've been freaked out that rats are going to eat me alive while reading. This is due to the fact that I've been reading a short story by Stephen King (in broad daylight on the train where there are zillions of people) that features rats. It's taken me at least a week and a half to read this damn story. I don't know that I'll finish.


  1. Wow - what a great new meme. I'm going to hop right over now and join in. Hope you get better soon - summer sunshine will fix you I'm sure. Just add a cocktail to the mix ;) Oh and watch out for rats!

  2. HAHAH!! You are so funny! I should throw a cocktail in there :)))))

  3. This is such a cute new Meme Lazy. :D I love seeing your humor shine in your posts.

    Oh! I love your layout! Its so pretty! :D

    I hope you're feeling better! *Tosses am Oreo you way* They always perk me up! :D

    Kelsa P.

  4. Hei!
    Thanks for joining in! As promised I am reading all the posts and blogs who have joined in!
    let's keep it up and put next posts up next Thursday!

  5. Aw, a lot of people have been sick lately. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. The new Behind the Screen post and linky ia available. Come and join here:


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