Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 Challenges Check-in #1

Cover Love Challenge Somewhere along the way, I got behind on my challenges. This should come as no surprises as I've signed up for one million of them. I'm going to hold myself accountable and see if I can eliminate some or if I've completed the challenges and just overlooked them.

**Click here for the full list of the challenges I'm taking on!**

Monthly Challenges (these are the ones I need to read extra books for to remain current)

1. Cover Love (3 books behind: May, June, July)
2. One, Two Theme Challenge (2 books behind: June and July)
3. Just for Fun Reading Challenge (1 book behind: June)

Overlooked (and maybe finished) Challenges:
1. 350 Page Books Challenge: I've pretty much finished this one, so I'm going to put it in the done pile! W00t!
2. Hogwarts Reading Challenge: I never updated the last Mini-Challenge but I definitely finished this one! Even if I didn't win it like I wanted to :-/

Long Forgotten Challenges:
Dusty Volumes Challenge & Nicholas Sparks Challenge: UGH! It's only 4 books! I can do these! I can!!

Challenges I haven't started:
1.Take a Chance Challenge: I'm actually most excited about this one because it's so cool.
2. LOST Challenge: I started this one and I haven't done anything with it! I might cancel it and do it next year.

The bright side is that I still have 5 months (gulp...4 months and some change) to finish and I'm optimistic!

How are you guys doing on your challenges??


  1. Wow, good for you. I can barely find time to read Lah... :-(
    Really busy with work... I envy you hehehe. Good luck!I joined the BEHIND THE SCREEN meme. It's really cool!

  2. Don't feel bad, I'm not doing so hot on my *own* challenge!

  3. I'm doing ok on my challenges. I finished a few. Good on you for finishing some too! The one I'm probably not going to finish is the challenge where I have to read books I own from 2010 or earlier. Erm, I'm too easily distracted by new books... :P

  4. I'm scared to think about my (lack of) progress on some of my challenges... That darn off the shelf one is KILLING ME!!!

  5. I think I need to do a similar post! I'm falling way behind on my challenges - but I have finished your wonderful Mini challenge. Anne of Green Gables was my something old and I loved it. Only problem now is that I can't seem to update my blog to show it's completed!! Ah sigh - I'll get to grips with this technology one day!

  6. Maybe doing this post will give you renewed momentum!

  7. Im behind but not behind. One challenge Im actually dreading but I want to continue with it.

    The other Im behind maybe 12 books.. But like you, there is still time...

    Good luck to you



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