Monday, June 6, 2011

Ten Good Things on a Monday: Beverage Edition

Ten Good Things on a Monday is an awesome meme by my friend Nina at Brush up On Your Reading ! Each week we list Ten good things to remind us that Monday isn't so sucky afterall! It can be book related or non!

This week, it's all about things I like to drink!

1. Water - Mmm, nothing like delicious, ice cold water on a hot summer day, or after a nice workout!

2. Sweet Tea - this is a delicious beverage served in the South. It can never be too sweet for me! I have to be careful with this one or I will have a major sugar rush

3. Caramel Frappuccino (homemade) - that's right, I figured out how to make my own fraps. I can cut the calories by a third and still have that deliciousy goodness that I love.

4. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and/or marshmallows- Oh snap, hot chocolate at a ski resort or in my house on a freezing cold winter night is blissful.

5. Warm Apple Cider - Omg, this is like liquid apples...
with cinnamon...and...something else I think!

6. Fruit Punch - I have always loved any kind of fruit punch. Snapple makes a pretty good one!

7. Red Plum by Nantucket Nectars - The first time I had this I almost exploded into gold glitter.

8. Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea - This is my favorite thing to drink before I sing holiday masses up at this gig I do for Easter and Christmas!

9. Fizzy Lifting Drinks - I just added this one to see if anyone was paying attention. 3 cupcakes if you know where I got this from.

10. Freeeeezing cold Cherry Coke - Guilty pleasure. If I want soda, it must be freezing cold with chips of ice almost. I love pairing it with hot buttered popcorn at the movies. Ooh wee!

Thanks for checking out my good things. Please link me to yours!


  1. Oh - that's make me thirsty! Got to love warm apple cider on a winter's day though - and of course mulled wine at Xmas!!!

    Here's my list for Monday:

  2. I love Barry's tea -- both the regular and the decaf -- the decaf is the best decaf tea I've ever had.

    Those fizzy drinks are interesting; I have no idea where you got them :)

  3. I love a couple of the drinks that you mentioned but have never had a Fizzy Lifting Drink...they look good....I'm going to have to look for one

  4. Oh wow...that Cherry Coke! I guess I can't find it in Malaysia. How I wish they sell it here.

  5. I'll give you guys a hint about Fizzy Lifting's in a book that was made into a movie...

  6. I know that fizzy drink! I know! I know!

    It's from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I loved both the book and movie versions of that!

    Three cupcakes for me *squee!*

    I love water, I'm a big water drinker. But I also love caramel frappuccino too. Unfortunately, coffee disagrees with my system so there goes my dreams of staying for hours in a coffee shop. I could live in a juice bar though.

    Thank you for sharing your thirst-quenching Good Things, Lah! Have an awesome week!

  7. Ding ding ding! Nina wins!!! WHeee!! Hahaha!

  8. Alexis : Me too!! I did this at work at like 9:15am and was like "what the heck are you thinking?!" LOL

  9. Ah! I'd love it if you shared your frap recipe!!!


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