Thursday, June 2, 2011

Library Thursday Blog Hop June 2nd edition

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Library Thursday is a weekly blog hop that I've started to:
1. Encourage people to support their libraries when they can

2. Meet new bloggy friends and grow your following

How to participate (UPDATED):
  • Create a Library Thursday post with a list, pictures or a vlog of your books. Or feature a cool picture of a library, or spotlight one of your favorite libraries.
  • Grab my button if you like it and include it in your post! Make sure to shout the library out that you went to!
  • Once you've created your post, link it to the linky at the bottom of my weekly post
  • Hop around to the other blogs participating and check out what other people are reading. Be sure to leave them a comment to let them know you were there, this is about making friends as well!
What's up guys! I didn't make it to the library this week. I will probably go tonight so let me know which books you picked up!! Here are some pictures of home libraries:

OMG look at this one!

I'd love this for when I'm retired or something

Ah! Gorgeous!!


  1. I would never leave home if I had even a portion of that second library in my house!

  2. You've got a lot of awesomeness going on here! Apart from those drool-worthy home libraries (I want one!), your 923 followers (OMG 923!), you've got a new layout design and I AM LO-VIN' IT! You are totally the best nerdy bloggy friend I ever had. And the coolest too!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  3. Hi!
    Love the first picture. I'm dreaming......maybe some day! Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. I would love to be able to organize my books my color someday! Sadly, I don't have the shelf space for that - I shelve according to genre and size.

    Beautiful pics! And your blog is lookin cute :)

  5. HAHA! You guys!

    Kris- Omg, agreed! I would only need like 1/4th of that library in my house!

    Nina- You know I heart you girlfriend! I'm still working on it. I want to change my tabs! I'm heading over to your blog to show ya soome love!

    Sherrie - I'm dreaming too!! :)

    Sarah - I know, I never really thought about doing my books by color becuase none of them are really the same color!! And thanks for the compliment!

  6. Love the rainbow arranged shelves!

  7. Oh wow - I am so in love with that first collection. All those colours!!! aaaahhhhhmmazing!

    Have you seen these bookshelves as well?

    Not the greatest of pics, but the books are stored in the staircase - quite a funky idea!
    Speaking of funky - love the new blog look!

  8. I love the 2nd pic. I like bright colors and of coarse bookshelves!! Ever since I got my kindle I have been lacking at the library. Its just so easy to get the books on kindle.

  9. Andrea - IKR?! It totally made my day!

    Book Gatherer - I love the bookshelf door! I would totally do that! And thanks!! :)

    Amber - Yeah so I hear! I'm strongly considering getting the 2nd kindle and putting a really bright cover on it. One of my co-workers has one and is convincing me!

  10. I'm a new follower! :) Can't wait to get to know you better!

  11. I feel like crying just looking at those pictures. I want my own home library so bad!


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