Thursday, June 16, 2011

Library Thursday Blog Hop June 16th edition

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Library Thursday is a weekly blog hop that I've started to:
1. Encourage people to support their libraries when they can

2. Meet new bloggy friends and grow your following

How to participate (UPDATED):
  • Create a Library Thursday post with a list, pictures or a vlog of your books. Or feature a cool picture of a library, or spotlight one of your favorite libraries.
  • Grab my button if you like it and include it in your post! Make sure to shout the library out that you went to!
  • Once you've created your post, link it to the linky at the bottom of my weekly post
  • Hop around to the other blogs participating and check out what other people are reading. Be sure to leave them a comment to let them know you were there, this is about making friends as well!
My Book this week:

Zero Day by Mark Russinovich

I have this weird habit of looking at what people read while I'm riding on the train with them. And this was a book I saw a while back. I'm excited to see if it's awesome or not. Which I think it will be for sure!

Okay and also, look at this amazing home library omg.

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  1. That home library rocks! I so want one. You did well this week only getting one book!!

  2. Yeah it was major amounts of self control. Next week I might not be so lucky haha!!

  3. Nice! I love the home library design!

  4. I love it too! I've become obsessed with them recently and I think I'd like to create one in my small apartment. I think I can make it work!

  5. I love looking at what other people are reading when they're "out and about" :P

    Those glass doors on the home library are awesome! They probably go a long way to keeping the books dust-free.

  6. Yes! I've never seen glass doors (not that I'm going around checking out home libraries all the time) !

    And good, I'm not the only one that peeks at people's books lol.

  7. Wow - that home library is awesome! A bookshelf s always the first place I go to when I visit someone in their house. I'm so nosey!!

  8. Oh!! I always get so so excited when I see someone with a library! Now I will seek them out and freak people out haha.

  9. that library is to die for! I want one! :-)

    The Die Is Cast #3: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick :

  10. I am drooling over those home library designs...

  11. Just googled Thursday Blog Hop that's how I
    discovered your blog.

    I'm your newest follower.Feel free to visit mine @

    Looking forward to seeing you there. Hope you will follow me back.

  12. Librarian: Same here, I hope to have one of my own someday!

    Ruperto OH hello my friend, will check out your blog now :)

    Fashion Mom I'm so glad you found me! I'm also following you :)


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