Friday, June 24, 2011

Follow Friday Time!

Lah says: I love it when people follow my blog and comment. So I'm going to participate in these memes so I can do the same for you :) Take a look around, my blog is awesome, everyone loves me! Heheheh!

Hosted by the lovely Jennifer @ Crazy For Books!

“When did you realize reading was your passion and a truly important part of your life?”
What an awesome question. I don't remember there ever being a time that I didn't feel like I just had to be reading. I think I was born with the reading gene. My dad has a million books and would take me to Coliseum Bookstore and Strand on Sundays. I would go to my mom's job (she's a teacher) and read all of the books she had in her classroom library. Then, there were the Dark Ages of my High School years where I read one too many assigned books that I hated, henceforth making me take a serious reading hiatus. We will not speak of that time. Otherwise, reading has always been a passion of mine, rivaled only by music! 

Hosted by Ginger @ GReads
Summer Love: Where is your ideal place to take a summer vacation & get lost in a book?

What?! People DO this?!!! I've been dying to take a vacation by myself and read books the entire time. I imagine going to a sleepy New England town, staying in a Bed & Breakfast and walking along their Main Street. Then I'd go to a park and get lost in a book. Perfect getaway for a NYC girl!
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  1. Hopping by from the Hop!
    Sounds like you and I had very similar books experiences. At a point, I was so fed up with reading. I think it was all the books that I didn't like that I was forced to read for English lit, and stuff like that. But, now my love of books has been rekindled! :)

    My Hop is here:

  2. Right now a vacation for me is having a day off work to read, write and blog (well, I guess that's writing too...).

    Booking It with Runner Sami

  3. I always speed read through those boring high school books to get to the ones I really wanted to read!

  4. I think it all starts with awesome parents!! hahaha
    Happy Friday!
    Natalie :0)

  5. Runner Sami Ahhh that sounds like a good enough vacation for me!

    Karen Smart!!! I should've done that!

    Natalie Ain't it the truth?!

    Victoria Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I was born with the reading gene too, that's a great way to put it!

    Anja @

  7. So glad you enjoy reading, just stopping by.

  8. I love your answer....awesome. GREAT QUESTION this week.

    I will be having two different starting tomorrow and one as soon as I get the post up today.



  9. Hi stopping by from the hop. I like your blog! :)

  10. LOL! I've never gotten to read much on a vacation...usually on the flight is about the only time! new follower here!
    Our post is here.

  11. What is it about the books we have to study for English at high school that puts us off reading and literature. The exact same thing happened to me. I blame The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood! Am now making up for all those lost years though!!

  12. Anja : I thought so too :)

    Fantasy Book Chick Gee thanks!!

    Book Sake Yeah, I would never read on vacation bc I always take them with someone!!

    Book Gatherer I don't know! It wasn't until we read "A Gathering of Old Men" and "The Maltese Falcon" that I got back into reading for pleasure! Those other books seemed like work!

  13. That vacation to a Lazy NE town just to read sounds so divine. Now you have put something in my head. I'll have to work towards making that happen. And I feel like I've been reading forever. Books from school I absolutey HATED and was bored to tears by was The Great Gatsby, and Grapes of Wrath. Talk about a snoozefest...I don't know how people liked that crap.

  14. So many people say that required reading turned them off of reading all together. That is horrible. Educators really need to do something about this.

  15. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is so cute! I love it! And great pictures! I would love to visit a town like that someday. :)

    New follower!

    My Cute Bookshelf

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D

    I'm an old follower. Love those pictures, that park looks so peaceful and sort of magical, I would love to sit there and read.

  17. When did I first realize I loved reading? I wish I could prove a pre-natal predilection towards books but my memories don’t stretch back quite that far.

    The earliest memories I can recall involved books. First having them read to me then reading them on my own the minute I had the ability.

    Books have been a major part of my life ever since. My passion for the written word knowing no bounds, I started writing books on top of reading them about ten years ago.

    Want to know what my favorite childhood book was? Hop on over to my blog and find out:

    Howard Sherman, Implementor

  18. Yeah, high school totally made us read things we didn't like! But at the same time, I was reading things I liked and that was all good. Haha. MUSIC ROCKS! :D

  19. Jade Doesn't it though?! I'd really like to make it happen this year!

    Alexis Agreed! I hope it's different now!

    Jennie Aww hooray! Thanks for following!

    Bex TOTES Magical!! I couldn't figure out what attracted me to the pic! Now I know!

    Justine Well that's what important! I wish I had made the time or had the wherewithall to juxtapose things I DID like with that other crap. And HECK YEAH MUSIC ROCKS! ;)

  20. Love your blog and loved yours answer :)I did the same with my mums school when I got taken in with her during the holidays, I just stayed in the library. :)

    New follower :)

  21. I read to cleanse my mind of the books I didn't like reading for high school.

    I realized how important books had become in my life in 1999. Come see what happened.

  22. I'm kicking myself for giving up reading when I was a teen. :) I'm glad I got back into it though! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm an old follower here!

  23. My pick for a perfect summer reading spot is also in a sort of bed and breakfast place. I love the ambiance, but mostly, I love the food :D and of course the number of places where I can lie down and read.

  24. Nina Totally agreed! And I didn't even think about the food!

    Christy I love your blog!

    Pussreboots Ooo, cliffhanger!

    Bletherer Love your blog too!

  25. Holy wow! A cozy bed and breakfast sounds delightful. Definitely a great idea for a book reading vacation :)

  26. WOW! That is a good answer. I would love to go on that vacation. I was thinking on a vacation I would want to go and enjoy a new atmosphere, but I could totally see myself reading in an apple orchard in the Northeast.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  27. Stopping by via the Book Blogger Hop. I'm a new follower.
    Have a great weekend!

    Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka

  28. I never had that problem in high school. Half the books I had to read I loved (I still reread the Great Gatsby) and the other half I never bothered reading. But I always tended to like the books I did read. I have a very distinct memory of LOVING Captains Courageous (I think because I saw the movie and there was a cute actor in it... maybe) and my ENTIRE 9th grade English class thought I was crazy.

  29. Fakesteph Haha!!! That's really funny! I'm glad you liked the books in HS though!

    Rie Yes!!! Apple orchards all the way!

    Kit I thought so too!!

  30. Hi! Stopping by from TGIF hop. I love those pics. I think the B&B in a sleepy New England town would be awesome too! I hope you get to do it someday soon. :)


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