Thursday, June 23, 2011

And my 300th post is dedicated to...

Harry Potter!!!

With all the buzz over and me noticing that this is my 300th post, I've decided to chat a little about my old obsession.

You see, I went a bit overboard with the Harry Potter craze, before it was the normal thing to do.

I went to the Midnight book releases, I saw all the movies (even though I saw Order of Phoenix on my birthday and I hated it, thusly, ruining my birthday haha)...I even made one of my first events as a Resident Assistant in undergrad Harry Potter related (15 college kids doing 90 on the West Side High so we can make it in time to see HP1 in theaters...yeah..overboard). Oh hey JK Rowling and Universal Studios, you wanna build a Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Yeah, I'm on the first flight, see you there. And the list goes on and on...and on.

But once the books were done, I was emotionally and mentally ready to put my obsession to rest.

While I am a staunch believer that HP Books > HP Movies, any new Harry Potter news is good news book related or non. So while I'm disappointed a little in the Pottermore thing being an interactive site similar to the ones that have already been created by fans around the world - I am extremely excited that there will be ebooks and new material from JK Rowling herself. I'm most excited for the audio books . I hear that listening to HP is a different experience entirely. And since my brother is going to college 6 1/2 hours away, I will have a lot of time to listen to the books. 

What do you think of Pottermore? Or list some of the craziest things you've ever done Harry Potter related! I might throw him a party this year.


  1. I too am a giant Harry Potter fan and wonder how much Pottermore will give us that fansites haven't. I am excited for the new info though.

    Have you seen all the extra bits on Leaky?

  2. I haven't! But I will go check it out!!

  3. We just came back from a trip to HP's Wizarding World so I'm still riding a Harry high. Will check out Pottermore! :D ( where did I keep that floo powder?)

  4. I love HP, too. I visited the Wizarding World last year and had a hard time leaving it was so wonderful. I'm looking forward to watching the final movie, and to finding out more about what Pottermore is all about.

  5. I've heard the audio books are awesome. I'm with you in that I'm a little disappointed with the announcement. It doesn't sound special enough and it does make me think of things fans have already made. But...maybe I'm just not understanding what it will be. I'm going to hold off on judgment until I can get a better handle on what it is. But I hope it's good!

  6. The first job I ever had was the summer after freshman year at Purchase; I worked in data entry and only needed to use about five percent of my brain, so I would listen to audio books the whole day. The first HP was easily my fav to listen to. I definitely listened to it like four or five times in a row! Now, when I read it, sometimes I hear the narrator's voice in my head saying a line a certain way :)


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