Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ten Good Things on a Monday: Radiohead songs

Ten Good Things is an awesome meme hosted by Nina & Argh @ Brush Up on Your Reading! Make sure to check them out when you can. Every week, we list 10 good things (book related or non book related). This week, I'm going to list 10 Radiohead songs that I love:

1. Everything in its Right Place - I can put this song on and complete zone out. This band always does this to me

2. 4 Minute Warning
3.Talk Show Host - I first heard this on the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack, this was probably the song that started my infatuation with the band

4. Codex - This is from the new album King of Limbs. There's no particular story behind this, just that I really love the song.

5. In Bloom - Also from their new album, I nearly passed out when I listened to this song in headphones. There's just so many musical elements to stimulate my brain!

6. Videotape - Another one that just takes me to another place!

7. The Tourist

8. Creep - The lyrics to this one seem so sad to me!! But I just love it anyway

9. Exit Music (for a film) - I always picture this one like it's some sort of music video in my head! Radiohead doesn't make enough vids!

10. Paranoid Android  -Another amazing song by my fav band!


  1. Awesome music list girl! :D

    Here's my 10 good things:

    I've never really listened to Radiorhead before, but their video's are pretty awesome. :)


  2. Ooohh Radiohead! I love them too! I also loved In Bloom, Creep, and Talk Show Host. They're such a cool band.

    Thank you for sharing your good things this week Lovely Lah! Have a great week :D

    Brush Up On Your Reading


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