Monday, April 18, 2011

Ten Good Things on a Monday: Halloween Edition

Ten Good things on a Monday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Nimble Nina & Arduous ARGH @ Brush Up on Your Reading!

Ten things I love about Halloween

1. An excuse to eat obscene amounts of candy

2. Fall Foliage and cooler temperatures 

3. Halloween episodes of The Simpsons and other such cartoons

5. Vibrant Fall Colors

6. Having a reason beside my birthday to wear a tiara

7. Um, this!
8. Little babies in costumes! Especially when they’re dressed up as Pumpkins, Cats or Bees!

9. Halloween themed parties / Decor



  1. Such a fun time of year!!

  2. Nice! I love your number 2! Total agreement. Yet another great argument of why fall is in fact the best season for me. :)

    Here's my 10 good things for this week:


  3. I think I might love you for posting Tim Curry and Anything Can Happen on Halloween! Excellent post.

  4. Halloween! Suddenly, I have all these ideas in my head on what to do for Halloween this year, I am so excited (and it's not even October yet)!

    Anyway, I once wore a tiara too but it got broken, then my makeup got smeared, and my skirt got torn so instead of looking like a princess, I ended up looking like a zombie princess.

    Thank you for sharing your good things this week, Ladylike Lah!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  5. @Andrea: HAHA!! You would be surprised by how many people have NO IDEA what that is. I think I might love you for knowing it!! PS: I just noticed his bowtie is a bat. omg love.

    @Nina: AAAAH Zombie! LOL, as I was reading what was happening to your costume I was thinking, surely it won't get worse than that...surely it won' did hahah!!!

  6. OMG that baby in that flamingo costume is hilarious!!! I've never experienced Halloween but I'm going to look out for little children dressed up this year!

  7. who doesnt love Halloween? i agree with the posts above, #8 is sooo cutee :) great list!

  8. Oh my gosh. Spring hasn't fully sprung where I live, but this post already has me eager to see fall foliage! I totally agree with everything on this list. Well, except number 6. I've never actually worn a tiara before. And since I've always found headbands to be uncomfortable, I doubt I'll be trying one on anytime soon.

    - Jackie


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