Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Review: Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson

Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson (Alex Cross #5)
Published: Grand Central Publishing, 1999
Paperback, 461 pages
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Borrowed from library
Challenge: Hide and Seek Mini Challenge, Alex Cross Reading Challenge, Mystery and Suspense Challenge

Alex Cross's pursuit of a killer has quickly produced a suspect--a British diplomat named Geoffrey Shafer. However proving that Shaffer is the murderer is a difficult challenge. The diplomat engages in a brilliant series of surprising counter-moves, in court and out, and Cross and his fiance soon become the targets of a deadly cabal of killers.
So book five is hopefully the standard for the rest in the series. This book had it all, action, romance, mystery, even some humor. There was less focus on the family and more on the psycho-killer, Geoff Shafer. His murders were so descpicable and so ridiculously graphic, that I am afraid to recommend it to those of you who can't stomach that sort of thing. This book is definitely Rated-R!

I found myself loving Alex Cross a lot more this time around. In the first 4 books, he was too much of a nice guy. Always saying the most polite things, rarely losing his cool until he was pushed way too far to the edge. But Patterson humanized him a lot more and I feel that he will continue to grow and become more fleshed out as the series progresses. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well because Patterson didn't spend chapters and chapters talking about Nana Mama and the kids, thankfully.

The villain, Shafer was pretty horrifying and I wanted him to get caught as soon as we were introduced to him. Sometimes I root for the villain but definitely not this guy. He killed so many people and showed zero remorse. Not even "pretend" remorse as Alex Cross villains have in the past. Although he wasn't as bone-chilling as the killers in book 2, I wouldn't want to run into this dude in a dark alley.

All in all, I give Pop Goes the Weasel 3 out of 4 stars! Highly recommended for fans of Suspense thrillers, Patterson's books and the Alex Cross series.


  1. I love Alex Cross. Great reads.

  2. Great review! Alex Cross really gets more awesome with each book.

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  3. I'm glad to hear this has remained a great series. I really liked Along Came a Spider, and I loved Kiss the Girls. Someday I need to pick back up where I left off.

  4. An enjoyable read Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson . loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.


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