Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book Review: The Gift by Richard Paul Evans

The Gift by Richard Paul Evans

Genre: General Fiction / Christmas/Spiritual
Published: Simon & Schuster, October 2007
Hardcover, 331 pages
Borrowed from library

Nathan Hurst hated Christmas. For the rest of the world it was a day of joy and celebration; for Nathan it was simply a reminder of the event that destroyed his childhood until a snowstorm, a cancelled flight, and an unexpected meeting with a young mother and her very special son would show him that Christmas is indeed the season of miracles.

“The most important story we will ever write in life is our own – not with ink but with our daily choices”

How lucky am I that I got to read 3 amazing books in a row?? What can I even *say* about this book? I just loved it so much. Although it didn’t feel like a Christmas story (beside the fact that it took place during Christmastime), it had all the Christian ideals behind it. A young faith healer can heal people by touching them. The only catch is that he gets extremely sick each time he does it. He chooses to because there are people who need healing, and inside his heart, he cannot deny them what they so need.

"Our thoughts are not arrows haphazardly shot out into the cosmos. They are boomerangs."

Each chapter begins with a line or two from the MC, Nathan Hurst’s journal. I think we were supposed to hate him at first or maybe even think he’s strange. But I always liked the guy. In fact, there weren't many characters in this book I could've done without. I especially loved Collin, the faith healer (of course). What he was able to do was remarkable, but Evans continued to paint him as the child he was.

"I feel like all I've had are McRelationships"

I don’t know where the time went or how I read through it so fast, but this book was indicative of Richard Paul Evans’ writing style. This is a strongly Christian book but we aren’t hit over the head with it. It’s accessible to people of any creed. I give The Gift a whole-hearted 4 out of 4 stars. I highly recommend it to people of faith, and anyone who doesn’t mind a tear-jerker!

"Forgiveness does not require us to close our eyes but rather to truly open them"


  1. Love his books! I read through them super fast too - hubs always just says "see you tomorrow" when I get home from work and a preorder has arrived, because he knows he's not getting any attention until I close the book bawling my eyes out.

  2. I need to get this book out of my pile and read it! Your review reminded me of how much I enjoy Richard Paul Evan's books.

  3. @Aimee oooh so glad for that! you know it's hard to describe the affect that his books can have on you, so i'm always weary that my review won't even scratch the surface hehe

    @Cat that is soooo funny! but I totally get it! the only one I couldn't read too quickly was the one when the guy went to Chicago looking for his mom? can't remember the name. Something about that one was a little denser than his normal stuff!


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