Monday, March 28, 2011

Ten Good Things: Snacks That I want right now!!

Ten Good things on a Monday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Nutritious Nina & Ample ARGH @ Brush Up on Your Reading!

I'm so excited about this post because I've figured out how to post while at work! I'm so sneaky! Anyway, because I'm at work making this post, all I can think of are snacks that I want right now. I've done something like this before but that was a while ago.

Snacks I Want Right Now!!
1. Pretzel Cake Truffles from Momofuku Bakery
2. Cookie Dough Bites
3. Entemmann's Butter Loaf Pound Cake
4. Caramel Frappe from any place that makes them deliciously
5. Doritos Original Flavor
7. Baguette and Brie, just like, an entire loaf, right now.
8. Cashews
9. Smuckers Uncrustables (I don't know why, this is the pre-lunch time hunger talking)
10. Ramen noodles...?

Well, this is what happens when I have to list things while I'm hungry. I promise next week's will be less food related and more awesomeness related.


  1. Love your list. Now I'm hungry. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the Doritos... Yumm!

  2. LOL I love your list girl.

    Ramen noodles are love. :)

  3. The lucky Lah has finally learned how to dodge the boss's eye! LOL that's a great list, made me hungry for snack even if I'm still having breakfast. :D

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  4. @ Chris omg WHAT?! I have GOT to try that!!!!!!!!!1

    @Amateur Voice heheh mmm noodles! I put the question mark because I was surprised that that was the last thing I thought of

    @Nina! One of the people who..oh i'll just write it on your page just in case you don't get to check this out hehe.

  5. OOooooh. Pretzel cake truffles? I haven't tried that one yet, only the birthday cake truffles... But compost cookie is my favorite from momofuku.

  6. I'm literally salivating as I read this...brie and baguette...uhnnnnnnn

  7. Doritos for the win! *runs to the kitchen*

  8. The best list ever!
    Here's mine. Not nearly as mouthwatering!!!

  9. Ummm, 2,4, and 7 sound good right about now. ;)

  10. Ramen noodles? Really? I must be one of the few people who don't care for them all that much. But great list...especially the Doritos. Love the orginal and ranch. Crap now I'm craving to the cafe I go!


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