Monday, March 7, 2011

Ten Good Things on a Monday (10)

Ten Good things on a Monday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Nifty Nina & Arduous ARGH @ Brush Up on Your Reading!

Since I had so much fun doing my post about the cartoons, I figure I'd do another one in the same vein, with a more general feel (so I won't have too much trouble thinking of things haha). Without further ado, I bring you: 

Ten Good Shows I Watched As a Child
1. You Can't Do That on Television

Slime!! Apparently they still slime things on Nickelodeon. But that was the huge deal in this one. They would pour slime on kids' heads. Green, toxic looking slime! You totally cannot do that on television in the 80s and early 90s! 

2. My Little Pony (and friends)
I'm glad that I found this youtube clip, because up until now, I thought that I made that whole thing up about there being Glo-worms included with My Little Pony. Well there it is! And the tape quality is so poor, it makes me feel like I watched this 80 years go.

3. Jem
 Okay I barely remember this but apparently, it was my favorite show when I was 2 or 3 years old. When I look at pictures of Gem and see that she was a rockstar singer, memories come flooding back and OF COURSE little musical me would love a cartoon about a girl with a rockstar secret identity, I mean c'mon!

4. Roundhouse

This was my first real sketch comedy show, beside YCDTOTV. Thinking back to it, there were way too many Adult themed jokes, but I didn't realize it back then. And it wasn't always that funny to tell you the truth. My parents actually didn't like that I watched it, which, of course, made me watch it even more. 

5. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Jeepers Creepers! I loved this show so much. It used to come on really late at night on Saturdays (read: 9:30pm haha!!). The stories were so well written to my pre-teen mind, and had just the right amount of spooky! 

6. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

"Well she sneaks around the world from *something* to Carolina, she's a sticky fingered vulture from Berlin down to Belize, and she'll take you on a ride *something something something* China, tell me Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego??"

...I could never get those lyrics right! Best educational game show theme song EVER.
7. Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
 Ahh, what a calming little show. I wish they'd marathon it. It was one of my absolute favorites because of all the positivity. I also loved it when he showed us how they made things in factories. ESPECIALLY CRAYONS!

8. Sesame Street
 This show needs no introduction. I watched it for years and years, and if it weren't for all the weird new monsters and inexplicable popularity of Elmo, I'd still watch! I was a Cookie Monster sort of girl.

9. The Jetsons

OK we all know who the Jetsons are and are probably also bummed that the world doesn't look like the Jetsons world yet, but here is a song from my absolute favorite episode. I apologize in advance for getting this song stuck in your head.

Ghostwriter was a mystery series for kids that came out in the early 90s. It was based in Brooklyn, in the neighborhood I went to school in!! Look at those kids in the promo picture, they've got so much attitude! That's sooo early 90's Brooklyn!  Ghostwriter, word!


  1. I love Are You Afraid of the Dark, Carmen Sandiego, and Ghostwriter! Those were such great shows. I had most of the Carmen Sandiego computer games too. Where in TIME is Carmen Sandiego was the best of all the games, I thought.

    - Jackie

  2. I loved Jem too! I can even sing one of the songs from that show - unfortunately it's a song from their rival band, The Misfits, and the title I think is Misfits in Hawaii? I'm not sure about that anymore but I can still remember the lyrics!

    And yeah, the world still doesn't look like that from The Jetson's, but you got to admit, some of the fashions already look like it's straight off that show.

    I loved My Little Pony too but I didn't like the Glo-worms - I had this really serious phobia of worms.

    This is a really great list! Thank you for sharing your good things, Lyrical Lah! Have a great week!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  3. Bacon ice cream is soooo good! You should try it some time! And ice scramble and turon are actually classified as a street food here in the Philippines, and if you think of visiting, you now have four foods to look out for: chicken adobo, ice scramble, turon, and pichi-pichi :D

    Me really hungry!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  4. I totally watched Carmen Sandiego AND AYAOTD AND Ghost Writer AND Roundhouse (I actually posted that in my 4th grade yearbook as my favorite show!) My favorite from when I was like 2 or 3 though was Zoobilee Zoo, which starred Ben Vereen. If you haven't seen it you should definitely look up the theme song on YouTube because it is EPIC.

  5. My daughter used to watch Ghost writer!!! She loved that show!

  6. I'm loving your Monday lists - it's like going down memory lane. The Jetsons, Jem - in fact, when my husband had his 30th birthday the theme was "Go as your favourite 80s rockstar" and I went along as Jem!!!

  7. Oh my...I have not thought of Jem, Roundhouse, or You Can't Do That On Television in YEARS! I love your list!

  8. I remember so many of these! Nice choices!

  9. Oh my gosh YES!! I watched so many of these shows. I remember the Mr. Rogers crayon episode :) I used to love it when he'd bring out the figurines of the fantasy land and then we'd go into that world. I adored Sesame Street. I was a Snuffy girl all the way.

    Be still my heart when I saw My Little Pony and Ghostwriter on your list! To say I was a My Little Pony fanatic is probably an understatement. :P I also adored Ghostwriter, but only one other girl in my school watched it. I used to want to be like Lenni and I played her song all the time. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

  10. I JUST looked at all the comments!! THIS IS WHY WE ARE ALL BLOGGY FRIENDS!!!

    I'm so glad that I didn't completely age myself with this post! I know we have a lot of 90s babies around here so I didn't want to think I was some old lady heheheh!!!


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