Monday, March 7, 2011

Music Monday: "Wake up" for A Crooked Kind of Perfect

About the Book

I read this book earlier this year (click here for my full review of this silly yet poignant MG novel written in epistolary style) and often times had this song playing in my head randomly. I'm not even sure what the lyrics are but I do know they have nothing to do with the book or anything haha. Please enjoy "Wake Up" Sliimy!

About the Artist
I saw this video a while ago on Facebook when some of my friends said the singer looked remarkably like another friend of mine. He really does it's hilarious! But being the Music Diva that I am, I paid attention to the song and fell in love with it. Sliimy is a young French pop singer who makes fun music and very colorful videos. I don't much else about him! So check out Sliimy's official page here!


  1. You have the BEST music taste, Lah! I'm loving all the songs I discover on your Monday posts.

  2. I watched your video and I was like :-O the whole time! Not having read Crooked yet, I still think that this fits it perfectly, even if I've only seen the book cover - which is so colorful like this video!

    And yeah, this is a really great idea you did of talking about music that goes with books you've read. That song from Owl City made me think of Dash and Lily walking together with that big dog before that 'flying baby' incident happened :D

    I might try doing this some time!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  3. @Sophia Thanks!!!!!!!! I meant to say thanks on the Crooked Still thing too! You should do a post like this sometime!

    @nina hahahah isn't the video so cute?! i don't know about the rest of his music but this one was pretty good. and yeah u should totally do this ur so good at it!! grab the button!


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