Saturday, March 12, 2011

LazyGirl's Week in Review

Where the heck have you been, LazyGirl?!

Yeah, about that...I've been being not-so Lazy and working around 42.5 hours a week, in addition to all my musical activities and my sort of social life. So it's been a really tough 3-4 weeks for me to organize my life. Still being reviewed by my potential job and once I know I'm working there, I can breathe again! Wish me luck!

Somehow, I managed to get a few posts up, albeit quickie posts (I didn't even put a picture of a library up on my Library Blog Hop this week!!) Here are my memes, reviews and other goodies you may've missed.


Ten Good things on a Monday: Favorite Childhood Shows
Music Monday
Teaser Tuesday
Waiting on Wednesday: Catching Fire
Library Thursday Blog Hop


Other stuff:

Thanks again for checking me out, even though I've been relatively MIA. I promise to make it around to all your blogs and comment and you guy's awesomeness. Have a great weekend!!


  1. wow. you have posts almost every day of the week! *applause*
    I hope I can do the same...but I can't. I've been spending time outside the house these past few days...I sure hope I can get a laptop or something for me to be able to blog anywhere. anyways, fantastic week for you!

  2. OH yeah a laptop totally would make things more convenient! But hey, you read so many books that it's gotta be hard to blog every SINGLE day!! :)


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