Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cherry on Top Award for me!

WAHOO what a cute award, thank you Cat from Cat's Thoughts for bestowing this award upon me! This has been the most easy going award yet because you only have to do a couple of simple things to accept it:

1. Three things I love about myself:

I am extremely humble. Surely I kid around here and talk about how amazing and beautiful I am, but I'm about as humble and modest as they come. I don't know if that makes me not-so humble, bragging about how humble I am. Either way, I am a champion.

I can find humor in just about any situation! And I'm so good at making people laugh!

I can make friends everywhere. And if I can't, then maybe I didn't want to be that person's friend anyway, hmph!

2. Post a picture you love ( I did two)

Found this on someone's site, I want to frame it.

Me and "Burt" at Disney Land last March. I was so excited to see him. I wanted to sing "It's a Jolly Holiday with YOU Burt!"

I'm not sure who accepts awards anymore so I won't list anyone just yet but feel free to grab this award if you'd like it! Just be sure to say I gave it to ya :)


  1. Awesome. Thats a cute award!! I am the same way, I think I am super humble but will go on and on how awesome I am. Its just fun. I tell people when I look in the mirror I don't see looks I see awesomeness!! And I am like damn I am one awesome girl..hahaha

    Its all fun though!!


  2. OOoh, that HP picture is so pretty! And if you did sing to Burt it would sound beautiful :) Though now I have the song stuck in my head!


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