Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review: Princess on the Brink by Meg Cabot

Princess on the Brink by Meg Cabot
Published: HarperTeen, 2007
Hardcover, 238 pages
Borrowed from Library
Challenges: 100 Book Reading Challenge, Hogwarts Reading Challenge
At last, Mia is a junior. An upperclassperson. Free of her responsibilities as student body president. So why is it that everything is going so terribly wrong? What is she doing in Intro to Creative Writing? When she has made it through Algebra and Geometry, why must she be faced with Precalculus? And for the love of all that is Genovian, why has Lilly nominated her for school prez again? All this is nothing compared to the news Michael springs on her, however. On top of all the mathematical strife, her beloved boyfriend is leaving for Japan for a year. Precalc has nothing on preparing for the worst separation ever!
After loving the first three, barfing at the fourth and swearing off this series, I decided to pick it up when Mia is a little older and less whiny. Luckily, Cabot delivers once again in the Eight book of the series! I zipped through this in a day or so and loved the cliff-hanger ending. This book has so many of the great elements from the first few: a simple, charming, predictable plot . So predictable at times that you are just waiting for Mia to have that a-ha moment!

My favorite character is still Tina. She's absolutely loveable. And I also love the funny titles and stories Cabot comes up with for the romance novels that she reads. Boris is a close 2nd and I still am not crazy about Lilly. Even though I skipped 4 1/2 books in the series, the characters remained the same.

All in all, I give Princess on the Brink 3 out of 4 stars. I recommend it for fans of the Princess Diaries series, YA Fiction written like a diary and Meg Cabot's works.


  1. I never really liked Lily. I think she treats Mia like crap and I don't know why they were ever friends. Tina is pretty awesome.

  2. I didn't like Lilly much either and agree with everything Andrea said. It's good to know this series gets better again and that you can skip a bunch of books without missing much. Thanks for the info!


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