Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Review: Princess Mia by Meg Cabot

The Princess Diaries IX: Princess Mia 
Published: December 26, 2007, Harper Collins Publishers
Hardcover, 270 pages
Genre: YA Fiction
Borrowed from Library
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Mia Thermopolis has hit a new all-time low: Her best friend isn't speaking to her. Her grandmother's counting on her to get her into the world's most exclusive women's society. Someone is posting horrible things about her on And, oh yeah: Her longtime boyfriend has just dumped her.
But despite what the New York press seems to believe, this princess has more on her mind than recruiting a new Prince Charming, including finally snagging some self-actualization for herself, and--thanks to Grandmere--solving a four-hundred-year-old royal mystery that's about to set Mia on a one-woman mission that could bring BIG changes to the little principality of Genovia.
But is Mia really ready to get rid of her tiara…especially if it means destroying a dynasty?

In the penultimate of the series, Mia is all cuckoo from her last falling out with Michael. But instead of it being obnoxious, I actually cared about her. I thought of myself at 16 and how I would deal with a break up. I was actually glad that she had major support from most of her friends. Sending her to a therapist (named Dr. Knutz…haha brilliant, Meg!) was actually a cool twist because he gets to say all of the things to Mia that the reader is thinking.

And you know what else didn’t bother me? How clueless she was for 78% of the book. I’m totally okay with it. I think after reading 6 books in the same series, you start to understand the MC way more than you would if there were only one book. Or, uh, hopefully. Also, I’m so glad that she and Lilly aren’t on speaking terms in this one. As I said in previous review, Lilly just grinds my gears. She’s the strangest friend I’ve ever encountered in a book. I always feel as though she’s judging Mia way too much to be her best friend.

Lastly, I skimmed through  a lot of the scenes with the Grandmother. She’s never been my favorite character in the books either. Skimming aside, this book was very cool and leaves you on ANOTHER cliffhanger for the next. Even though Mia loves Michael, I’m totally Team JP. A cutie who can take me to any Broadway musical at any time? Yes please!  I wish that I would have read these books when I was in high school because I could see myself eating these up!
All in all, I give Princess Mia 3.5 out of 4 stars! Highly recommended for lovers of YA fiction, fans of the series, Meg Cabot and stories told in diary form!


  1. I was so sad to see Mia and Michael break up. This was about the time that I dropped the series. It just got a little too silly for me. And Mia got annoying.

  2. HAhah I agree! But I actually dropped the series around book 4 when they got together and she was all "OMG I need to see Michael bleeeeeeeeeh" check this book out, it's not so bad!!

  3. I liked JP too in this book but Mia and Michael are my favorites. I thin the reason she broke up with was so stupid, but then I am not 16.

  4. I like seeing your thoughts throughout this series. I don't like Lilly either. What a horrible best friend! Too judging.

    Your colored letters at the beginning of each paragraph? LOVE!!


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