Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's Your Status 2/6- 2/11

What's Your Status is a weekly meme hosted by my new bloggy friend Zakiya @ Butterfly Feet Walking on Life ! I found it on my other bloggy friend, Small Review's page and am also going to use a format similar to her week re-cap.

Princess in Love by Meg Cabot

Sweet Jiminy by Kristen Gore

HATE LIST by Jennifer Brown


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This week was a lot slower than last week! I won a Memetastic Award and as promised here are the answers I gave with the truths explained:
1. I have my own apartment now because my *parents* moved out.  This is the whole truth! My parents got a cooler apartment downtown Brooklyn and they moved away!

2. As my cat is a purebred and descendant from Asian Tree Leopards, she has a special diet. --Half truth The reason she has a special diet is because isn't because she's a Silver Bengal but because she's got a little bit of a disease that gives her crystals in her stomach :(

3. My High School friends and I were in the audience of TRL on MTV in 2001 because we won a contest at my school. --Half truth We were on TRL but it was because we were in the middle of Times Square having a rowdy good time and a TRL scout literally come up to us and asked if we wanted to be in the audience.

4. I went to Rome and forgot to throw a penny in the Trevi and as a result, I haven't been back since.--Half truth I did go to Rome and I did forget the penny but I haven't been back because I can't afford it.

5. I sang  the national anthem on the stage of the Ricki Lake show but it was unaire--Half truth I sang the National Anthem on a commercial break and won a t-shirt but it wasn't aired was because it was during commercial break

Have a great a weekend!


  1. Congrats on your win this week! :D Great reviews too. I haven't posted a review in a week. -.- Happy reading! :D

  2. Thanks for participating, Lazy Girl! :D

  3. :D I loved learning those facts about you! How cool are you going on tv a bunch of times. Poor kitty. Silver Bengals are so pretty.


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