Monday, February 7, 2011

Memetastic Award up in here up in here!!

It's like Valentine's Day and my Birthday all rolled up in one...I've received another award! Thanks Cat @ Cat's Thoughts. And you know, to be completely candid with you all, I am outrageously Memetastic! I do at least 76 memes per week. Seventy-six of em.

The way this award works is: I have to list 5 semi-true facts and one completely true fact about myself. Can you guess which one is the absolute truth?? (I'll include the explanations in my weekly re-cap if you're interested to know what the whole truth is)

1. I have my own apartment now because my *parents* moved out.

2. As my cat is a purebred and descendant from Asian Tree Leopards, she has a special diet.

3. My High School friends and I were in the audience of TRL on MTV in 2001 because we won a contest at my school.

4. I went to Rome and forgot to throw a penny in the Trevi and as a result, I haven't been back since.

5. I sang  the national anthem on the stage of the Ricki Lake show but it was unaired.

Second part is to pass it to 7 bloggers (I will most likely do less than 7 because there are a lot of people out there who are award free zones):

1. Zakiyah @ Butterfly Feet Walking on Life
2. Elodie @ Once Upon a Quote..
3. Sarah @ Sarah Says


  1. Congrats! :D Thats odd! I've never heard the parents moving out. Its usually the other way around! haha. :D Oh woah! TRL & Ricki Lake? How awesome is that! :D

  2. I'm sorry I made a mistake in my comment !! I was commenting on two blogs at the same time and I kind of mixed up ...
    Sorry !!
    Again a big thank you for your award !! I'm your latest follower ;)

  3. I am actually giving you this award too! So it's great that you already have this post.

    I'm going to pick no. 5 as the truth...I don't know, I just think it's that one :D

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  4. Thank you SO much for the blog award, Lazy Girl! I really appreciate it :)!

    Happy Reading,
    ~Zakiya LWings

  5. ARGH wanted to say Hi back, but he's too busy munching on meatballs and staining my books with his drool *gross*

    Brush Up On Your Reading


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