Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Review: Temples on the Other Side by Sylvia Browne

Temples on the Other Side by Sylvia Browne
Publisher: Hay House, 2008
Hardcover 260 pages
Borrowed from library
Challenge: Hogwarts Reading Challenge

From time to time, you will see me review New Age books as I am fascinated with all things about the After Life, psychics and their abilities as well as other New Age topics.

This isn't one of those books you read from cover to cover. It is a chapter to chapter book that describes specific areas in the After Life. Sylvia Browne has other books that include After Life info, but this one focuses primarily on the places people on the Other Side go for learning and research.

With the help of her spirit guide, Francine, Sylvia takes you through various Halls or Temples. They have varying functions which are illustrated in their titles: The Hall of Wisdom, The Temple of Orientation, The Hall of Remembrance and my personal favorite, The Temple of Voices:

"...you can actually see the music; that is, you literally perceive colors and notes when a symphony is playing. The music streams through every molecule of your being so that you are not just hearing with your ears- your entire body is absorbed by this."

The illustrative yet simplistic language Sylvia uses is accessible to anyone who picks the book up. I've read a few of her books and this is probably one of the better written ones. Sometimes she goes from writing an informational book to a memoir within a couple sentences. While she still does a bit of that here, it isn't as disconcerting. I recommend this book to anyone, especially those interested in New Age and theories on the After Life.


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  1. I just love Sylvia Browne. I get so captivated by her books; I have trouble putting them down. This is one I have not read, though.


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