Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesday: Series vs. Stand-Alone

 Talk to Me Tuesday is a brand new weekly meme (hosted by Melissa at i swim for oceans)where we will discuss anything (and everything) literary-related in an open forum of honesty.

This week's question: Do you prefer series or stand-alone novels and why?

I really love reading a series. But the characters and the plotline have to be captivating enough to make me read 4 or 7 of them (I'm thinking specifically of The Books of Ember or the Harry Potter Series)  I love a stand-alone novel that answers all my questions. But there are some stand alone novels that are so compelling that I don't want the story to end. The first book that comes to mind is "Elsewhere" by Gabrielle Zevin. I loved the world she created and wanted to go back to it over and over.

So I would say that I'm kind of middle of the road on this question. I like both!!


  1. I've never read elsewhere, but I read the premise and it sounds absolutely beautiful.

    I think that the most important thing is for the books in series to be able to stand alone, much like the Harry Potter and Hunger Games books do, you know?

    Great answer, Lah! I think you can have the best of both worlds ;)

  2. Personally I prefer stand-alone novels because I want a pretty straight-forward story, I don't really like to be left hanging for the next book. But I agree with Melissa I like books in a series that can also stand on its own.

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  3. I like your answer...but i don't really agree about Elsewhere. I read it once and didn't really like it. I did appreciate Zevin's world-building skills though.

    Come check out my answer if you get a chance: http://blackfingernailedreviews.blogspot.com/2011/01/talk-to-me-tuesday-series-vs-stand.html


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