Tuesday, January 4, 2011

State of Mind by Sven Michael Davison

In 2030, most of Earth's natural resources are depleted. The digital world has taken over and there are many technological advances that we could - at this date and age - potentially dream of. The story follows former cop Jake Travassi who now has a very sort after piece of technology called a P-Chip placed inside his head. It gives you all these really cool capabilities that, thus far in the book haven't been used in the interesting way that the blurb describes.

This book is imaginative and reads like a movie. I couldn't help but picture Bruce Willis as Jake Travassi & Shia LeBeouf as the rookie on the team, Parks. Unfortunately, I had to put this one down because it never really picked up the way I wanted it to. I still have it on my shelf to maybe be read another time when I don't have other books lying around that I'm itching to read. SO I guess this isn't really a book review, just me saying that I tried to read it! I would prefer to put a book down than force it!


  1. I hate when that happens :/ I have a couple books like that, and I can't force myself to read them.


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