Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid-Week Updates

Hey guys!

Today I was featured on my friend Lisa's site Baffled Books! She let me do a guest post about Charlie and the Great Glass elevator! Her page is super cute and you should all go check her out! She writes really honest and thought provoking reviews :)

I've joined entirely too many challenges in the past few weeks including:

Just for Fun Challenge
Reading Challenge Addict
Cover Love Challenge
TwentyEleven Challenge

Speaking of challenges, there's still time to sign up for my awesome Mini-Challenge & there's ample time to sign up for my Books of LOST challenge!

Happy Reading,


  1. Good for you - entering all those challenges! I know I'll never be able to keep up, so I didn't enter ANY challenges. Shame on me haha :)

  2. HAHAHAH you know, by the end of this year, I will know whether or not this was a good idea LOL. So you might have the right idea not entering any hehe!!


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